The Dakota Hunter

A Film by Axel Ebermann

The Story

Dutchman Hans Wiesman is completely and utterly in love – with a seventy year old cargo plane: The legendary DC3 'Dakota'.

Is it her shiny polished aluminum hull? The round and delicate shape of her wingtips? Or the history of the war bird, that transported American paratroopers during the liberation of the Netherlands in WW II? It is most probably all of the above, plus Hans' childhood memories of his upbringing in postcolonial Borneo, where he saw the 'Dakota' as an almost mystical connection to the outside world. Hans, as his alter ego the 'Dakota Hunter', now scours the world to find Dakota parts that he donates to museums or turns into designer furniture.

On his quest he talks Malagasy air force commanders into selling him their 'Dakota' scrap yards, argues with Thai officials why they should remove wingtips for him before they sink the planes to build artificial reefs and lights up with joy when he finds the rare forgotten storage room full of Dakota parts in the jungle of Colombia.