The Dakota Hunter

A Film by Axel Ebermann

The Filmmaker

Axel Ebermann has directed numerous documentaries leading him to such exotic places as the remote jungle of Brazil and the eternal darkness of the Polar Circle. From Hip Hop Photographer Johnny Nunez in his award-winning biopic 'Shooting Stars' to the Mexican rocket backpack builder Juan Manuel Lozano – Axel's passion is to find the world's eccentrics and to document their lives.

His work as a director and cinematographer has been screened by a variety of TV networks in the US and Europe.

The Dakota Hunter

Dutchman Hans Wiesman grew up in post-colonial Borneo, where his father worked as an engineer for the oil company Shell. Growing up in the jungle Hans was bitten by the 'Dakota' bug at a young age, as the leftover cargo planes from WWII were the only connection to an outside world he had never seen.

35 years later, while working as an advertising executive, Hans ran into a 'Dakota' during a photo shoot in South Africa and was immediately mesmerized again. He decided to turn his passion into a full time job and has since been scouring the most remote regions of the planet on a quest to find the last forgotten 'Dakota' in the world.